Meet our teachers. 




Janna (E-RYT 200) is the owner of Inhale Pittsburgh. She discovered yoga when she was 13, teaching herself how to do a headstand from a yoga book. She didn’t return to a regular practice until yoga served as the much-needed balance to a twenty-something life in New York City. There yoga transformed her, in mind and body. She fell in love with the authenticity of the practice and its power of positive change. In 2011, Janna received her 200 HR training from Sonic Yoga in New York City and did an apprenticeship at Mala Yoga in Brooklyn in 2012. Janna teaches a Vinyasa style class that focuses on both the physical and subtle body. Her students experience the flow of breath, music, and message set to the firm foundations of asana and alignment. Outside of regular classes, she specializes in teaching yoga to those who live with brain injury and PSTD. Janna is also an alumni Lululemon ambassador and a two-time published author of He Never Liked Cake and Move Feel Think: Yoga for TBI, PTSD, and Other Forms of Trauma.  

When she’s not on her mat or keeping Inhale Pittsburgh ship-shape, she is busy as a book editor and writing coach, or walking Mae Belle in the Mexican War Streets with her husband. Learn more about Janna at: Instagram: @jannacabana 



David (RYT-500) sees his yoga practice as a miraculous reflection of the universe. His practice began in 2012 under the debilitating stress of an education job that left him void of any joy or passion. As an ex-athlete, missing the sports that had defined him for so long, David believed yoga would be a simple way to remain in a healthy physical state, but it soon became something so vast, capturing his entire spirit. Every practice led him to a deeper understanding of himself, and with each soul expanding sequence, he became hooked. David decided to pursue this newest “addiction” and traveled to Hawaii for his 200 HR teacher training. After weeks of study, he had found his biggest passion - to share all the joy that yoga had reflected back to him with others. Since Hawaii, David has traveled to Peru to receive his 500 HR YTT and also received a certification in Thai Yoga Massage, while traveling in Thailand. David's classes focus on a strong spiritual or mental theme to carry the body through a variety of postures. He believes himself to be a transparent reflection of the universal connection we all share, and it is David's hope to share the joy he have experienced through yoga with you. Instagram: @davidchris_108 



Alyssa (RYT 200) discovered yoga in college, but did not practice it seriously until the summer immediately following graduation.  Her first yoga class was at an Iyengar studio in Pittsburgh where she learned the importance of alignment, before she ventured into Yoga Flow for heated Vinyasa classes for a more vigorous practice. Eventually, Alyssa realized that her grad school path in Public History was no longer in alignment with her truth; therefore, despite a very uncertain future, she took a leap of faith and quit her master’s program for a “yoga career.” Today she teaches both Vinyasa and meditation all over the city. Alyssa's classes always leave you feeling clear, connected, and strong. Her Wednesday evening Move & Meditate class involves a mix of grounding, gentle asana work, breath work, some discussion,  and group mantra chanting. Alyssa hosts regular workshops at Inhale, and she also hosts a vibrant book club (Chapter & Chants) here at the studio. Instagram @sunflowergirlie | @thejournaldeck 

Melissa lucciola


Melissa, (E-RYT 200) sees yoga as yoga a tremendous source of balance and healing, a gift that has helped her overcome the life altering medical challenges of stroke and chronic migraine. She brings a unique sense of empowerment and non-judgment to each of her classes, teaching in a way that provokes thought and meaning - and always a adding a little challenge.  In 2010, she completed her 200-hour yoga certification at Yoga H’om in Pittsburgh, PA.  You can also find her at the “Floating Studio” where she teaches stand up paddleboard yoga (SUP Yoga) and is a YOGAqua Certified SUP Yoga Instructor.  Growing up an avid water skier and true mermaid at heart, Melissa feels at home on the water, near the ocean, or exploring the world with wanderlust.  Follow her on social media and you’ll soon discover she’s also an avid foodie, lover of good wines and enjoys spending time with Darryl and their family of four-legged fur kids Titus, MacGreggors, and Gracie. Instagram: @puppylovesupyoga



Sydney (RYT 200) realized the importance of connecting to your body through movement by growing up as a dancer.  A natural progression from dance to yoga occurred in high school where she began to notice subtle physical and mental changes, which made yoga a staple in Sydney's life.  After a retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica, she knew she had to deepen her practice and share yoga with others. As a teacher, Sydney wants to bring the same sense of peace to her students that yoga has provided her. In her Vinyasa flow classes, you will find both strength and relaxation, all the while her goal is to quiet the thoughts that crowd our heads to make room for love and mindfulness. Sydney is committed learning for her own personal growth and also to be her best self for her students. Off the mat, you will most likely find Sydney working at James Gallery or planning her next traveling adventure with her man. She also loves capturing moments with photography and doing absolutely anything outdoors, from making s'mores by the fire to biking. Instagram: @sydney_allie



Emily (RYT 200) never believed that she would be teaching yoga. She discovered yoga in 2011, first practicing in her house with Nintendo wii, and then an iPad app. Months later, she worked up the courage to walk into a studio for a full day of workshops, and she  was hooked. Emily completed the Healthy Body | Peaceful Soul training at Inhale Pittsburgh in August 2016. The practice she shares is steady, full of intention, and places an importance on connecting movement to breath.  By day, Emily works as the Art Director for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and finds similar themes in art and community that are found on the mat, and she loves to connect the two spaces.  A proud Pittsburgher who is renovating an 1880’s townhouse on the Northside, Emily also has a love of adventure, travel, biking, Sondheim, reading, and puppies. She’s very glad that she stopped practicing yoga virtually, and is thrilled to have found such a vibrant yoga community in her hometown. Instagram: @emilylaughed 

Ida Ivehag


Ida (RYT 200) first stepped in to a yoga studio in her twenties in hopes of alleviating lower back pain caused by years of dancing and injuries from pushing her body without listening to it. Being an athlete, she fell in love with the the new physical “challenge,”and as she kept practicing she started to notice a physical, as well as mental, change. Not only did her back-pain begin to disappear, but the self-criticizing voice inside quieted, and she felt more calm, less anxious. This sparked a lifelong interest for yoga, and she completed her 200 HR teacher training with South Hills Power Yoga in 2015. Since, she has learned awareness, to connect to the here and now, the balance of yin/yang, and to truly listen to your body. She invites her students to explore, hear, and connect with themselves by fully coming into their bodies, no matter what age, ability or mobility level.  When she’s not on her mat or doing Reiki, she loves to travel, bike and explore Pittsburgh’s food scene and farmers markets with her fiance and friends - and anything outdoors, no matter what kind of weather! <3 Instagram: @idaivehag

Kayla Hersperger


Kayla (RYT 200) genuinely believes that yoga will save the world. She took her first yoga class in college in a Wellness for Dancers class in 2007 and returned to a regular practice 2014 when she was in desperate need of healing. Now she hopes to spread this healing power to her students through yoga, meditation and essential oils. She focuses her asana instruction on the mind/body/spirit connection. Her goal is to integrate the wisdom of yoga into daily life through breath, meditation, and spiritual guidance. In her classes, you will find creative sequencing inspired by fire and music, always linked with an intention. She offers options for beginners, but some vinyasa experience is recommended. Her day job is at Slippery Rock University where she works in marketing and recruitment. You can usually find her walking her dog, Cici, around the North Side of Pittsburgh. Learn more about Kayla: Instagram: @khersperger

Ashley Koltonski


Ashley (RYT 200) learned that yoga awakens the soul and energizes the spirit over 10 years ago. Yoga has changed her life for the better, including her community, health and perspective on life. She wanted to deepen her understanding of her practice so she earned her 200 hour certification in 2014 at Blue Lotus in Raleigh. Educated in Vinyasa and Restorative, Ashley enjoys teaching flow classes to all levels, beginners welcome, and slow flow and restore classes. She believes that slowing down and tuning in helps gain clarity and insight and leaves the soul feeling grounded and rooted in truth. Ashley knows that movement leads to energy shifts in the mind and body so she loves to get on her mat, go for a hike in the woods or run along the Pittsburgh rivers. She also is a lover of travel and experiencing beautiful culture because "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." <3 Join Ashley on Thursday evenings or out on the water this summer.  Instagram: @yogini_rover

Tiangai Sirleaf


Tiangai (RYT 200) was first introduced to yoga in 2008. She developed a regular practice in studios in Philadelphia, Baltimore and now Pittsburgh.  In 2016, she completed a 200-hour Pittsburgh Classical Yoga Teacher Training with BYS Yoga.  

Her practice is influenced by Vinyasa, Jivamukti and Ashtanga Yoga. Her attraction to yoga comes from its ability to check the ego, push the body, soothe the soul and calm the mind.

Katie Mogilski


Katie (RYT 200) took her first power yoga class seven years ago in Denver, Colorado, and instantly fell in love. After twenty years of being a dancer it was the first time she felt comfortable working out that didn't include tap or ballet shoes. She enjoys the physical elements of the practice and the way you feel refreshed mentally and emotionally after every class. 

Katie completed her teach training through the Amazing Yoga Teacher Training in April, 2016.  She enjoys creative flows that challenge the body's strength and endurance and uses upbeat music to keep her classes fun. Instagram: @ktmogilski

darryl cozza


Darryl (RYT 200) A life-long athlete influenced by a love of fitness and the study of movement, Darryl's classes are a blend of flowing vinyasa & natural movement, coupled with in-depth breakdowns & focused drills to help students build stronger, more anatomically aligned asanas. Students will leave class with a deeper understanding of their practice and the functional role that yoga can play in their daily lives.

When he's not practicing yoga, Darryl enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa and their dogs, cooking, nerding-out on nutrition, snowboarding, and playing outdoors. Darryl is also an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - training out of True Believer/GF Team Pittsburgh. Instagram: @darryleatsandworksout

jenny tuckfelt


Jenny (RYT 200) is the friendly face on the other end of our emails. But back to the beginning of her yoga journey, when Jenny came to yoga as the most skeptical of skeptics (both of the practice of yoga and of her own ability to transform into a human pretzel), but it quickly snuck into her life in a big way when she was guided to focus less on the pretzel and more on the dough. Yoga helps to balance the highs and lows of life while keeping her body strong and steady. Movement can pluck us out of our heads when we get stuck inside them, and a teacher’s guidance can remind us how to perform the most basic and essential act of both self-care and survival: to breathe. Jenny wants to share with others the practice that teaches us how to tune out the white noise of worry and tune into the voice within, while nurturing the physical body. Her vinyasa flow classes emphasize uncovering inner strength as much as the kind that enables us to hang out in a high lunge for one more breath. To her, a yoga mat is a place to play, to explore, to heal, to accept, to challenge, and to grow. She believes that the magic of yoga lies in its ability to make us feel peaceful and powerful at the same time. Instagram: @jennytucks

Marguerite White


Maggie (E-RYT 200) grew up with a Buddhist father and yogini mother, Maggie found her own practice in college, and completed her 200 Hour training in 2011 through Corepower Yoga in Boulder, Colorado. While her teaching remains rooted in power Vinyasa Flow, she has since studied and taught yin, restorative, gentle, and children’s yoga, all of which have influenced her growth as a teacher and student. Maggie approaches every class with the intention to balance breath, strength, mindful focus, and a sense of play through safe and creative sequencing, leading students through what one has described as a “fresh, funky flow” day after day. Instagram: @margueriteslifeofcats




Rachel Gallagher


Rachel (RYT 200) first found yoga through a VHS tape her mom owned consisting of a fusion of yoga and pilates during a summer in high school, but didn’t step into her first yoga studio until 2009 when her curiosity about the new studio across the street from her Pittsburgh apartment caught the best of her. Initially drawn to the sweat and physical aspects, the stress relief, and meditative aspects kept her coming back for more. Finally taking the leap to become a teacher in 2017 through Amazing Yoga Teacher Training, but constantly looking for ways to grow as both a teacher and forever student through attending festivals, workshops, reading, and online forums. Rachel's classes often involve warming flows with an emphasis on breath and alignment. 
Instagram: @mrs_chuck_gallagher

MEEaj Moosa

meeraj yoga.JPG

Meeraj (RYT 200) is in the middle of getting her 300 hour at Om My Yoga Academy in Camp Hill, PA. Meeraj began practicing yoga in 2009, but it wasn't until she was at a crossroads in all aspects of her life that she took the plunge to get her YTT. Meeraj is also a nanny which lead her to become Childlight Yoga certified and is a Reiki Master. In her class you can expect mindful movements always encouraging students to look inward as they practice. When Meeraj isn't practicing yoga or teaching class you can find her at local coffee shops or hanging out with her friends and family! Instagram: @meerjyog



Yoga bio pic.jpg

Rachael (RYT 200), while studying Exercise Physiology, took almost every PE class offered in college. From archery to aerobics to billiards to... yoga, which introduced her to something new: a shift from a purely physical awareness to an emotional and energetic awareness. Suddenly she realized with conscious movement, meditation, and breathwork, she had more tools to navigate through moments of anxiety and low self-esteem. Shining light on old thought patterns and realizing they can be changed inspired a path of self-love and acceptance, a path she’s prepared and excited to lead others toward. Under the guidance of JoAnne Vandenhengal in 2013, she received her 200 HR and began sharing the practice of yoga. In Rachael's classes you can expect a grounded, slower pace that builds strength and allows time to listen to your body while encouraging a sense of play. When not on the mat, she can be found designing flower arrangements for the North Hills community, exploring new hiking trails with her lifelong adventure partner, rock climbing, gardening, admiring fresh produce, and simply experiencing life moment to moment. Instagram: @sandsflow_



Fauna Violet | Clifton Loosier


Fauna & Clifton are enthusiastic acroyogis from Pittsburgh who believe in making Acro accessible for all people, safe for all experiences and emotionally supportive. Fauna began practicing acro consistently after being taken on a second date to an acro class in 2015. In the three years that have followed she has used her training as a Counselor to implement a trauma- informed style to teaching acro. Clifton began practicing acro in January 2017 and brings encouragement and empathy to his practice. Together, Fauna and Cliff offer a style of teaching centered around emotional and physical safety... and most of all, fun! In their acro class you can expect to challenge your own perceptions of what is possible, learn to communicate directly about consent and permission and take accurate in-the-moment self assessments. We will do all this while making beautiful shapes and movements with our bodies by balancing experiences, fun and creating a safe environment. Instagram: @theacrobats




Lianna (RYT 200) has been uncovering yoga within herself since 2010. During the winter of 2016, she attended FLY Yoga School on Martha’s Vineyard for her 200-hour yoga teacher training under the loving and insightful care of Sherry Sidoti. Following her intuition, Lianna continues uncovering her purpose to share the path to yoga with others. Lianna teaches yoga in a way continually influenced by her teachers and her personal practices. Admiring clearness and directness, she is inspired to teach yoga from the ground up. Lianna teaches breath work and encourages the flowing together of the breath and the body. In all Hatha yoga classes that she guides, she invites all five movements of the spine during her asana classes: lengthening and straightening, folding towards the legs, lengthening upwards and backwards, bending towards the left and right, and revolving. Her sequences come from the intention that flows through her at this moment, this moment, this moment. It keeps going. She begins with an idea inspired by someone or something, and she moves with it. As a singer/songwriter, she invites sound into her classes through music, chanting, and singing, and she explores connecting sound to the five bodies or sheaths: physical body, energetic body, mental body, wisdom body, and bliss body. Lianna believes in everyone’s inner teacher and invites seeing the inner teacher during class, at home, and everywhere. She is continually changing and working with all that she is through yoga. With the help of her teachers and her own yoga practice, she uncovers an openness to her own power. As a teacher of yoga, she is offering an openness for others to find their strength and power as living yoga. Instagram: @lianna_ankney (And Lianna’s band! @diamondshapes_band)




Tiffany (RYT 200) quit her DC day job and moved to rural Ghana for a year in 2012. While there, she lived with a meditation teacher who changed her life, and when Tiffany came back to DC three months later, she wanted a way to continue her practice in the hustle and bustle of city living. She found an asana practice to accompany her sitting meditation and fell in love with the physical side of yoga and the discipline, strength, and vulnerability that accompanies it. Tiffany moved to Pittsburgh in 2014 for her Master's degree in Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh and found her place in the yoga community here where the practice allowed her to be emotionally calibrated and energetically balanced in order to do her job as a social worker without burning out. The connection between the need to be present and empathetic while serving people and the mindful awareness required in yoga was one of the reasons she desires to bring yoga to the people she works with in her day job and share the practice with as many people as possible. Tiffany completed her 200-hour teacher training at Vital Glow Yoga this past year, and continues to learn more about the eight limbs of yoga to be a better teacher to anyone who walks through the door. In Tiffany's classes, you will find a mindful flow with unexpected sequences that explore the complex and the simple, all led with lots of love. When Tiffany is not working at Landforce or on her mat, you will find her with her adorable husband and supportive dog (the reverse also applies) hiking through the woods or nestled in their couch. Instagram: @tiffanyemrotek



Stephen Moore


Stephen (RYT-200) was fortunate to discover the practice of yoga later in life - or maybe yoga found him. In the beginning, he came to his mat as much as possible, sometimes twice a day. This early and strong devotion to his practice offered a wonderful way to combat the effects of anxiety and stress, and yoga was becoming a transformative force in all aspects of his life, providing new avenues to peace in the mind and healthy alternatives for the body. The small steady improvements to his practice came from his dedication and devotion. Stephen decided to follow his passion further and completed his training at One Point One Yoga in 2017. Today, his teaching is firmly grounded in breath, rooted in strength, infused with energy and purposeful movement, and you can expect all these elements in each of his classes. A life long fan of Pittsburgh and its history, he is thrilled to be here for its revival, which mirrors his own revival and awakening through yoga. You will most likely find him enjoying a local coffeehouse or running on the riverfront trails. Or just enjoying city life with his wife and their cat, Simone. Instagram: @stephenjamesmat





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