Class Descriptions

Morning Yoga: Practicing an hour of yoga first thing in the morning will get you breathing, moving, and ready to embrace the day. Feel free to make this your new morning routine. It might just be better than coffee. 
60 minutes | All Levels

Lunch Break: Bring some balance to the middle of your work day. Designed for those of you who want to practice during your lunch break, this class is less than an hour, but will not leave you feeling like you've missed a thing. 
 50 minutes | All Levels

Vinyasa Flow: Vi (to put) nyasa (in a special way). In Vinyasa Flow the focus will be as much on the asanas as it will be on how you move from one to the other. Sometimes fast, sometimes slower, but always with a focus on alignment and intention. You might sweat, but not because we turned up the heat. 
60 minutes | Intermediate to Advanced
75 minutes | Intermediate to Advanced

Foundations: Whether you are new to the practice or would like to revisit the basics, this hour long class is what you're looking for. We'll ease up on the chaturangas and the arm balances and take time to practice the foundational poses found in many Vinyasa classes. 
60 minutes | Beginner to Advanced

Slow Flow: Not to be confused with beginners' only, this yoga begins with a flow and slows to a more restorative pace, which gives you a chance to get deeper into each pose, relieve tension, and create space in your body. Props, bolsters, blankets and straps just might become your new best friends. 
60 minutes | All Levels

Ashtanga Primary Series:  The opportunity to begin or deepen your Ashtanga practice awaits. All the way from the standing and seated postures, through backbends, to the finishing sequence, the teacher will give suggestions and modifications that suite your practice where you are. And you'll have many a chance to jump through and jump back.
75 minutes | All Levels

Moonlight Mondays: Not much beats yoga under the sunset or the glow of the bistro lights, which is why when it's warm outside, we do yoga on the rooftop of Hotel Monaco. But we live in Pittsburgh, so that's not always the case. On the Mondays when it's snowing, raining, or just too chilly, we bring the class inside to the beautiful Rialto Suite on the 9th Floor. Then maybe, grab a snack or bev at The Commoner after class.
60 minutes | All Levels | $10 (cash)

Move & Meditate: This 45-minute class is your weekly chance to move your body, breathe deep, and revel in the peace and calm of a mediation and mantra practice.  In each class, there will be a few minutes for a short discussion and sometimes some chanting, if the vibe calls for it. Repetition and practice greatly help one absorb the true essence of each meditation, so the teacher may repeat one meditation for a few weeks. But whether you come every week or once a month, you will leave class feeling grounded, free, and clear.
45 minutes | All Levels | $10

Kids Yoga: An inventive and interactive approach to asana for children, but a class designed to be fun for all ages. Both kids and their adults will explore a variety of postures and sequences (like sun salutations), practice breathing and relaxation techniques, and sometimes partner up for poses. You can come as a pair, or invite your whole crew to  share in this playful and mindful way of moving together with intention and joy.
60 minutes | children ages 4-9*
must be accompanied by and adult. 

Prenatal Yoga: This class is created for expectant mothers to safely engage in a yoga practice as a means to assist an enhance their unique journey to birth. Classes will involve breathing techniques for release and relaxation, safe stretching to ease discomfort experienced during pregnancy, as well as some strength training as a means to prepare both for labor and postpartum recovery.
75 minutes | All Levels

Karma Yoga: The chance to do yoga and give back. Every Friday evening we offer a (cash) donation-based yoga class where all proceeds go to support an organization or cause of the month. Our teachers pick the cause and teach for it. All we ask is that you come as you are, pay what you wish.
60 minutes | All Levels | Cash Donation Only

Not everyone can make a Friday at 5pm class, so we've created a means to donate online. Click the button below and give what you wish to this month's cause. 

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