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are taught by certified, knowledgeable, and thoughtful yoga teachers. Here at Inhale, we all celebrate our different yoga histories and styles. Some of us play music. Some of us spin you around on the mat. Some of us read from the ancient yoga texts. Some of us move you fast, others slow. But each one of us is excited to share this practice with you, because we all do yoga.

Yoga Foundations

Foundations is a yoga class for anyone looking to slow down a bit, learn a lot, and focus on alignment and transitions. It a great class for beginners, first-time yogis, anyone who feels like they aren’t flexible, young enough, or spiritual enough to do yoga. It is also a great class for any yogi looking to get back to the roots of the practice. Ready to advance your practice? Try our Intentions class.

great class for: beginners | anyone who wants to get back to basics 


Yoga 1

In Yoga 1 there is no reason to speed through poses or push yourself, but instead it's an opportunity to slow your practice down and listen to your own heartbeat. You can expect fewer poses in the sequence allowing for some space to heal and restore the mind and body. Don’t be surprised to find anything from blankets to bolsters to blocks, from pranayama to mudras, and even a little strength-building to support your practice. Really want to drop in? Try our Meditation class.

great class for: those new to yoga | anyone who wants to move a little slower | those looking to refine the basics 


Yoga 1-2

Yoga 1-2 is our all levels class. Experience the flow of your yoga practice, from the flow of asanas to movement to your breath. Enjoy creative sequencing and keen alignment cues. And you might sweat, but not because we turned up the heat. Ready to take it up a notch? Try our Yoga 2 class.

great class for: those familiar with basic yoga poses | regular practitioners | advanced students | anyone who wants a physical or mental workout


Yoga 2

Yoga Level 2 is our most advanced class, but that does not mean you have to be advanced to practice. Come to your mat to move your body in agreement with the variations that feel good to you. Maybe find yourself in a new pose. Maybe get your sweat on. Maybe expand your comfort zone. This class will challenge not only your physical body, but also your Self, because the most mindful way to advance your asana practice is to strengthen the connection between your brain and your body and to deepen the relationship between you and your practice. Want to tone it down a bit? Try our Yoga 1-2 class.

great class for: intermediate to advanced yogis | those ready to go deeper into their practice | anyone who's up for a challenge


Restorative Yoga

In Restorative Yoga, the yoga is practiced through long-held and supported poses that allow the body to rest, relax and release unnecessary, habitual tension. In this safe and patient space, you will be able to breathe deep and activate the parasympathetic nervous system – rest and restore. A restorative practice greatly benefits anyone who is healing, looking to find calm, and create a space to rejuvenate. Bolster, blankets, blocks, straps, and all the props will become your most supportive friends. Looking for that deep, active stretch? Check out our Yin class.

great class for: beginners | regular practitioners | advanced students | pretty much anyone who wants to release tension and relax



This shorter-than-the-average class is your chance to move slowly, unwind, connect, and explore a mediation practice. Pulling inspiration from Kundalini yoga, each class will begin with a short discussion on the day's theme and then flow into the breath work, spinal energy work, gentle body movement, and ultimately meditation. Looking to get a bit more grounded in your asana practice? Try our Foundations class.

a great class for: anyone who wants to find some calm, feel grounded, go deeper and destress


Yin Yoga

A Yin yoga class has minimal movement, but don’t let that fool you. When you get beyond the muscles and into the connective tissues, like fascia, it is intense. But working on this level of the physical and energetic body will deepen your practice, lessen your stress, and increase your range of motion. Think of your Yin practice as the cooling complement to all that heat of a Flow class. Looking to have full support that leads to tension relief? Try our Restoratives class.

a great class for: beginners | now and again yogis | regular practitioners | advanced students | everyone 


Community Classes*

Our Community Classes are all levels classes taught by an experienced teacher available at a discount rate. It's a great class to try if you are looking to check out our studio, try out a yoga practice, or a bring a friend. 

You can purchase this class online, or feel free to bring $5 cash and sign in at the studio. 

Sundays: 5:30 - 6:30 PM | Yoga All Levels | Northside
Wednesdays: 6:30 - 7:30 AM | Yoga All Levels | Downtown

*you may also use your New Member Special, monthly membership, or 5-Class Pass to attend. 


Acro Yoga*

Friday evenings at 6 PM, Jen and Clifton come together to offer a 90-minute Acro Yoga class. Come with a friend, or come as just you. You will soon find that there is more to Acro Yoga than just floating and flying. But that's pretty fun, too. 

*Acro classes are included in monthly memberships; however separate from New Member Special and 5-Class Passses.



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