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Leslie asks:

Leslie's Chart

Leslie's Chart

Born on: November 24th. 
Sun in: Sagittarius
Moon in: Sagittarius
Ascendant: Cancer

"As I am learning to follow my personal astrology chart, I am wondering if there is a way to align my yoga practice to feel more connected to what is going on in the universe. For example, are there yoga poses that can help me feel more grounded or more energized, more receiving or more giving?”



Judy Answers: 


Yoga is the perfect way to become more aligned with your astrology, both in the sense of your basic chart and the influences you may be experiencing at one time or another. You can start with the influence of the sign of your sun. Leslie’s sun sign is Sagittarius, which is represented by the half-human, half-horse Centaur who rules the hips and thighs and fills all Sagittarians with seemingly boundless energy. Yet, it can be hard for some Sadge people to focus this bounty of energy, which is exactly why the Centaur is so often pictured drawing a bow and arrow. Like the Centaur, Sagittarians must find a way to focus their energy – both physically and mentally. When Leslie learns how she can focus her energy, she will start to feel more grounded and more energized.

Now we must also consider that Leslie has had Saturn—the planet that shows us our limits—crossing through Sagittarius for the last few years. As this time of constriction comes to a close (in December 2017), Leslie will feel a huge relief, having had to learn her lessons from Saturn by working her way through difficulties, obstacles, and fatigue. It’s easy to understand why she would want to have more of her energy. The lessons of Saturn have been using a lot of it!

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) is an ideal yoga pose for Leslie to practice at this time, because it is grounding and empowering, which allows her to stand up to the resistance she might be feeling these days, and it comes with that sensation of pointing your arrow toward a definite target - looking forward over the front fingertips. Warrior II is also about opening the hips, which invites more freedom in the way you give and receive. Another great pose for Leslie to try is Crescent Moon Pose (Anjaneyasana), another strong hip opener with a bonus opportunity to open the heart center. 

But be gentle, Sadges, because there are many sensations and emotions that may be come up as you practice these hip and heart openers. For it is true, when we offer our hearts, there is a possibility that they will be broken. (Leslie might want to try a seated hip opener, such as Cobbler’s Pose or Bound Angle (Baddha Konasana), before practicing Warrior II or Crescent Lunge. So often, when we notice that we need to be more “open” with our feelings, it is because we have put up barriers to prevent us from being hurt. So remember that no matter how terrible we might feel at one moment, when we open ourselves to the infinite supply of unconditional love that is offered through our practice, we can always heal.


Janna answers: 

As soon as Judi mentioned the Centaur, I thought of one of my very favorite kriyas! But, before we get carried away with my Sagittarian energy (I’m a Sadge rising), l suggest that Leslie (and fellow Sadges and anyone looking to work through the last two and half years with Saturn in Sagittarius) begin with Bound Angle (Baddha Konasana) and follow that with a simple lunge series. It is important to create stability before opening and stirring up our energy. 

Sit tall, bring the soles of your feet to touch and create a little movement in your heart center with a seated version of Cat/Cow. Once you’ve done this about 4-5 times, begin to fold forward. Now that her body has experienced some breath and movement, Leslie can begin to work toward the asanas that focus her energy, all the while remaining open to the energies of giving and receiving.

From Bound Angle, slide one foot in front of the other, roll up over your knees, and make your way to Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). Step your right foot forward into Low Lunge or Runner’s Lunge so that your knee aligns above your ankle. Keep your back leg lifted and tent your fingertips on either side of the front foot. As your legs engage, this becomes an opening for your front hip flexor and back psoas and also builds strength and stability as you move your right sitz bone to your left heel and squeeze the legs together. Extend out through your spine and lengthen the crown of your head away from your tailbone. When you breathe, inhale into the space of your heart and exhale out the tension from your hips and legs. Stay here for 5 breaths.

From Runner’s Lunge, drop your back knee to the mat and untuck your toes for Crescent Lunge (Anjaneyasana). If you land on your kneecap, roll forward to soft spot in front of the kneecap. Keep your hands connected to the Earth as you spread your back toes wide and ground through your shin and top of your foot. When you are ready walk your hands up to your right thigh. Pause here as the hips open and balance comes into play. Then, bring your hands to your heart. Close your eyes. Find stability by engaging your adductors (the muscles of your inner upper thighs) and then extend your arms straight overhead. To get deeper into Crescent Lunge, lift your heart and reach your fingers back, allowing your hips to move down and forward. 5 breaths.


Release your hands down to either side of the front foot, and come back to Runner’s Lunge. Align your front heel with your back arch and windmill your hands up to Warrior II. Press strongly into both feet and see if you can open both your hips and your ribcage to the side—without letting that front knee crash in. It’s a balance of strength and flexibility. Once you find your Warrior II, make a thumbs up sign with your front hand. Take one full inhale to swing the back hand forward to meet your thumb and then all the way around to complete a circle (like some pitchers wind up for a pitch). On your exhale snap your hand back into place. You’ve just draw your bow and shot your arrow. And your thumbs-up? Well, that’s your target. A little lost? Watch this vintage Janna Instagram video. Practice this kriya slow and methodical for the first few breaths and then speed up, sharpen the breath, and add a loud huhhh! as you release. Practice until your legs get too tired or you get to sweaty. 12 seems to be my limit. 

To cool down and finish the sequence on the first side, make your way down to Child’s Pose (Ananda Balasana). Slow your breath. Roll your forehead back and forth on the mat. Then, complete the sequence on the other side.

This practice is good for all those with your sun, moon, or ascendant in Sagittarius and for anyone working to gain energy and focus from the hard lessons of Saturn in Sagittarius for the last two years. 


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Photo Credit: Anita Buzz-Prentiss

Photo Credit: Anita Buzz-Prentiss

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Photo Credit: Nicole Lockerman

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