AstroYoga: The Dualities of Gemini


Maria asks:

Maria's Chart

Maria's Chart

Born on: May 9th
Sun in: Taurus
Moon in: Aquarius
Ascendant: Gemini

"What yoga posture can help me feel capable and strong when the voices of incapability come to attack me?"


"When I feel tempted to act on my love addiction instead of listening to my wise self, what posture would be good?"




Judi Answers: 


It looks like Maria has two questions for us this month, which is really no surprise, given that she has the sign Gemini as her ascendant. Gemini is the sign that can make a person be “of two minds.” A Gemini person can love two people at the same time for totally different reasons. This trait comes from Gemini’s desire to collect information and experiences, and then share them with a wide array of people. Social pollination is a good way to describe this dynamic. While it sounds like this could endanger things such as monogamous relationships and marriages, it doesn’t have to be that way. The Gemini-influenced person can be extremely loyal, as long as he or she remains aware of the fact that their "inner motivation" is always looking for something more.

In Maria’s case, her Gemini ascendant colors the way she expresses herself in the world, and is most likely responsible for her feeling that there is more than one “voice” driving her decisions. Maria's sun sign is Taurus represents the source of her inner strength, but it is also in an area of her chart that is harder to access; therefore just when Maria says, "I can do that!" there is another voice that says, "Are you really sure???" Not only that, but an aspect of Taurus people (sun, moon, ascendant) is that they worry a lot. This combination can result in an over-active mind and a struggle of confidence for Maria.

When Maria practices yoga, she can restore both a sense of confidence and calm by choosing empowering yoga poses that help her focus on one thing at a time. When she does this, she can tell that voice that says “Are you sure???” to be quiet and just watch her rock her world.

Maria's second question, where the voice of her of her wise self can be drown out by her love addiction, poses a similar challenge - a duality of voices. Reminding herself of what really matters to her - the voice of her wise self - is the remedy for this dilemma. The potential for the love addiction she describes is shown in her chart by Mars in Sagittarius in her house of relationship, which shows a need for lots of activity and action in her love life. For this reason, Maria must develop a strong sense of herself, because when she gathers the strength to discipline her thoughts and keep her mind free of worry and distractions, she will develop true faith in herself. Then love addiction won’t even enter her mind.

To cultivate this feeling of being in more control of her impulses, Maria can practice some calming forward folds.


Janna answers: 

Both of Maria's questions pose a similar, as Judi called it, dilemma. What do we do when we have different parts of us pulling us in different directions? I agree that Maria will benefit from both empowering poses and poses that help her find her center and find some calm. I can relate. I have a chart with a lot of Gemini, and I'm realizing that must be why I love my yoga practice for its ability to help me quiet the noise. So this sequence is not just for the worrisome Taureans and the multi-faceted Geminis, but for anyone with an overactive brain looking to find some calm.

To start, put on your favorite music. And if music is not a source of energy and empowerment for you, there are other options. Light a candle, burn incense, or choose a mantra for when your mind goes wild. Maria could use the mantra, "I am enough."

Let's begin in Mountain Pose (Tadasana), which gives Maria a chance to see what comes up for her when she stands still and connects to the Earth. Stillness, while unnerving, is centering. Stand with the feet hip-width distance apart and parallel to each other. Let your hands drop by your sides, feel your feet ground and the crown of your head lift. If it's comfortable, close your eyes. Take 5 to 10 breaths to just be with all the thoughts of the mind, the sensations of the body without fixing or reacting to what comes up. 


With your eyes open, fold forward. Feel the hands firm on the ground (or grab blocks to bring the ground up),step the left foot back to Low Lunge or Runner's Lunge, and breathe for 3 breaths. Inhale, lift your heart, and step the right foot back to meet the left for Plank Pose, one of the most empowering poses of the practice when you hold it for an extended period of time. In Plank, "strength" is a given, but can you practice calm? Oftentimes we huff and puff to hold our whole selves up. Instead take your time firing up each muscle group - lift the belly, puff up the space at the back of the heart, spin the inner thighs up toward the ceiling, and press back through the heals. You might even try starting with the knees on ground to create length and strength through the torso before lifting up. Stay for 5 breaths.

To play with your edges of strength and calm, work toward longer Plank holds, all the way up to 3 minutes, but when you get too fatigued to engage the muscles that hold the pose, press back to Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) (Child's Pose works too!) for a break. From Down Dog, walk your hands back to your feet, heel-toe the feet together, and bend the knees, the lift the heart, and sit the hips back in space for Chair Pose (Utkatasana) or "Fierce Pose," which sounds more empowering to me! Reach your arms up, as you keep the chest open (football goalpost arms works wonder here). Hold for 5-7 breaths. Keep the belly pulling back to the spine to create space at the lower back, and see if you can keep the same shape - just as low, just as strong, just as open. 

From Chair, fold forward, walk the hands out to Downward Dog. Stay for a breath or two, and on an inhale lift the heels high and walk, slowly, one step at a time (try not to rush, as you practice not acting on impulse) to the top of your mat. Once you arrive, enjoy the Forward Fold (Uttanasana). Feet remain connected, legs strong, and the abs engaged (to protect the lower back), but the whole top of half of your body can move and sway and shake it all out. "It," being any thought, worry, or voice that doesn't belong. 

Now, from the top of the mat, you can repeat the same sequence on the other side, by stepping the right foot back to a Runner's Lunge. The poses might appear simple, but as you practice each one breath slow, bring your awareness to the engagement of your muscles, and fight the urge to come out of the pose before it's over. And when you get back to that forward fold, shake "it" out. 


This practice is good for all those with your sun, moon, or ascendant in Gemini or Taurus and for anyone trying to quiet and calm the noise. 


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Photo Credit: Anita Buzz-Prentiss

Photo Credit: Anita Buzz-Prentiss

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Photo Credit: Nicole Lockerman

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