Intuition is Everything

This is the studio space by my apartment. It is the upstairs of a small school.

This is the studio space by my apartment. It is the upstairs of a small school.

I made it to Uganda.

This time last week I was in a pretty sketchy (yes, I used the word sketchy) hotel room in New York City. Flights were delayed, connections and hotel reservations missed, no show fees, and everything was out of my control. This week, I am in a much different place. Everything is still completely out of my control and new and slightly uncomfortable, but I can honestly say I feel an overwhelming sense of ease. I am writing this post while I stand at the desk looking out my apartment window in town, watching bodas, cars, bikes, and pedestrians pass by on this busy Friday morning. I haven’t quite been here a week yet, but I can’t help feeling like I am at home.

My first week was well, a lot. I am in the process of learning my way around town, around the village, around the communities where I will be working. I am learning the language, the culture, and how to bargain at the market. I am learning more about the organization, the work I will be doing, and where I fit in here. There is so much information and questions swimming around my brain, but again I can honestly say I feel at ease. (Which may be a first for me when starting something new.)

On Wednesday, I spent the morning going to the field for the first time. I met my boda driver and he took me through the mountains, about an hour away from the village house, to the communities. My ride to work was the most breath taking thing I have ever seen. Maybe it is because I am new here and I am seeing everything with bright, shiny perspective or because it really is that beautiful? (I guess we will find out.) In that moment, any ounce of worry or nerves melted away. I knew I was meant to be here doing this work, with these people, in this place.

On my way to a community from the village house. My boda driver said I should get a picture here. This is one of the many paths I will be traveling frequently. 

On my way to a community from the village house. My boda driver said I should get a picture here. This is one of the many paths I will be traveling frequently. 

So, what about the yoga? After all this is a yoga blog. My practice has been very much present through all of this. I hop on my mat in the mornings or evenings, sometimes both, just to move. To do what feels good with no expectation. Sometimes I take 10-15 minutes and just sit and breathe and sometimes I move for over an hour. Connecting back to what my body, mind, and soul needs while being surrounded by all the new experiences is more important than ever and I make it a priority.

Exploring my personal practice has been nice and needed, but yesterday I was able to take a yoga class for the first time in about two weeks. Not too far away from where I am staying, there is yoga twice a week. The teacher, Alex, was told I would be arriving for quite some time now and I was told he was excited to have another yoga teacher in town. After work I arrived at the studio space and introduced myself to him. I was immediately greeted with a hug. (You know the kind of hug only a fellow yogi can give you? The kind where you are squeezed to death and you press your cheeks together?) Alex held my hands, looked into my eyes and told me how happy he was to have me. I have never felt more welcomed in my entire life and was extremely grateful to have found this space.

An hour and one physically challenging class later, I felt like a little part of me returned that I didn’t even know was missing. The class was so different, yet very much the same. We did the poses we are all familiar with only they were instructed so differently, there was SO much laughter, and there was a sense of freedom to come and go from the class as you please. Simply, just to come as you are because you made it to your mat whether it was for 5 minutes for 60. Isn’t that what yoga truly is about?

Alex and I talked after class and agreed teaching a class here would be great for the both of us and the community. I am very excited to continue teaching here, and find reassurance knowing that my practice as a student and a teacher always seems to find me no matter where I am.

There are a few more yoga events I have brewing in the works with some amazing people I have met, but those are to be disclosed at another time so, stay tuned!

I wish I could say words and photos accurately describe my time here so far, but they simply do not. But what I can say is this: Your intuition is everything. When you spend time, whether it is 1, 5, or 60 minutes, in quiet with just yourself and your thoughts you come to have a really good relationship with that feeling in your gut. I have been in circumstances where that gut feeling has kept me out of a bad situation, led me to the good, and proved that when I don’t listen things usually don’t turn out well. So far, my intuition has given me nothing but good feelings here. It is easy to mistake fear and nerves as a gut feeling when in really it is just guiding you in the right direction. My intuition has led me here.

Disconnect. Listen. Take Action.

Love and light,


P.s. I wrote this in the morning and it took me all day to post. 

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