Did You Ever Just Breathe?

Writing on here from the States is a bit weird. There are no stories to share about the lessons I learned while watching a baboon eat a banana on the side of the road, but there is still a lot to tell. That is why I wanted to continue to share my yoga on here. Through words. For you all see, read, and digest. If there is anything you want to hear about, questions you have about yoga or life or anything in between, feel free to send a message or leave a comment.

Photo by Jessie Province of Sharon, PA

Photo by Jessie Province of Sharon, PA

Recently, I wrote a blog all about connection. It was about the moment I was driving on the interstate early on a Friday morning. I was on my way to Pittsburgh. This was the weekend I was going to spend time in the studio with Jafar Alexander and a group of amazing yogis uncovering the profound resource that is our breath.



I wrote about the moment of connection I watched unfold as the gold light of the sun caressed the cold, dark layers of the Earth. Slowly waking and warming. Breathing life into the depths of winter. I wrote about how it appeared as though the Earth was taking a big belly breath in and out. Because in that moment, I too, was taking the deepest breath I have felt in a long time.

Did you ever just breathe? Have you ever stopped for a moment and really felt your breath? When is the last time you did?

Our breath is so much more than inhales and exhales. It is the breath in, the pause at the top, breath out, and the pause at the bottom. And every millisecond in between. You could study and read all the science and theory and philosophy and Facebook news articles about breathing and still only be scratching the surface of the surface of understanding the breath.

Stop. Right now. Take a breath. Then another. Then one more.

Feel your inhale. An opportunity to breath in everything you could possibly desire. An opportunity to take in everything you need. An opportunity to receive and to open without shame or guilt. Breath it in and pause.

Feel the pause at the top of your breath. An opportunity to sit with everything you have just received. To sit with everything you need. Fulfilled. Content. Satisfied. Then start to breathe out.

Feel your exhale. An opportunity to give back. You have something beautiful to offer the world. Share it, we need it. An opportunity to let go. To release. To cut cords and break contracts that no longer serve you. Take comfort in knowing the opportunity for a new beginning arrives over and over with each breath you take. Finish the breath out and pause.

Feel the pause at the bottom of your breath. No more doing, just being. Even just for a second or two. This moment of peace, balance and harmony is always available to you.

Our breath is complex and intricate, yet so simple. I could tell you what I know about the science of the breath and what is happening on a cellular level every time air enters the body, but what does that do if you aren’t even aware of it? If you can’t even feel it?

Next time you see the sun rise or a river flow, or the wind blow, watch the Earth breathe. And breathe with it. By simply doing this, we open the doors for connection, to the world around us and ourselves.

Watch the sun rise. Feel the warmth. Let it burn.

With love,


One of my favorite sunrises from Colorado

One of my favorite sunrises from Colorado

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