Meditation and Making Space


At the end of February, I posted a poem to Instagram explaining the evolution of my meditation practice. . In the post I wrote,

It has been way over a year...Since I began a consistent meditation and journaling practice.It has been way over a year...Since I sat down, took a breath, and took a good look at myself.Since I Iearned the magic of a mala and the power of my words. Since I found a practice to ground me, humble me, and challenge me in so many ways. It has been way over a year, but...My practice is young, like me. Wise, like me. And imperfect, like me. It encourages me to choose presence, over being passive and staying open, over shutting down. It has been way over a year and...Sometimes I don’t show up. I want to stare at the ceiling and get lost for days. It has been way over a year and...No matter how many times I get lost, this practice always brings me back home.

Ironically enough, I discovered the month of March is all about meditation at the studio which made me a happy little yogi. A practice that so often gets placed on the back burner in the world of modern yoga. I am no ‘pro-meditater’ or going to pretend like I am anytime soon. I am a young woman who can’t seem to keep her feet on the ground with a mind that run at 100 mph who not until a little over a year and a half ago decided she needed some quality ‘sit-down, slow down’ time.

It wasn’t until I broke my ankle that I found my meditation practice. I would listen to little guided meditations by Gabby Bernstein before I went to bed each night. I would sit on the cold hardwood floor of my little apartment, light a candle or two, death grip my mala, and just listen.

Just like my asana practice, my meditation practice never stays the same. It evolves with me and I know I can access it at any point in my day. It may be a deep breath or the repetition of a mantra. Whatever it is on any given day I am extremely grateful for those few moments of stillness. Of clarity. Of coming back down to Earth.

Lately, I go to this practice to listen for what I should lean into and what I should let go. Which is what the month of March has been for me, making space. It is amazing what we can hear when we take five minutes to slow down. It’s a practice, just like anything else. And for me, it is the most difficult and most necessary part of my yoga.

Maybe for you March is about meditation or making space or making cookies? And maybe this is the tiniest blog post ever. But just like the few words found here, you don’t have to find something so grand to make an impact.

Food for thought and all the love,

Katy Mae


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