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the best gifts to my yoga practice

When it came to choosing props for Inhale, I pulled out all the stops in the hopes that one day someone like me might fall in love with a prop one day. All it takes is one to blow your mind. I chose solid blocks, long and soft straps, a rainbow of blankets, and colorfully patterned bolsters. You will even find baskets of balls. Sandbags is next on the list. Because at one point or another each of these extras has enhanced my practice.

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Too Busy For Yoga

I had always hated the final rest, I felt as though it was a waste of my time. Why would I want to lie there in silence when there were so many things to be done? When I came back to class the next day, the instructor pulled me aside and asked me why I had left. Naturally, I told her the fake story about having to study for five midterms and write three 20 page papers. She looked right into my eyes and said “If you can’t be still you’ll never be well.”

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