"Lunchtime yoga is the perfect break in my busy workday. It not only helps me to relax, but allows me to set aside 50 minutes in my day to focus on myself. I return to work feeling reinvigorated and ready to take on the challenges that the rest of the day may bring." 
Tracy Jackson | Director of Business Development | Wrecking Crew Media
"As a mom and marathon runner, I came to yoga to enhance my running and gain some sleep, but what I discovered was so much more. In addition to increasing my physical strength and fitness, I gained mental clarity, focus, drive, stress reduction, and reflection. That time on my mat during the day allows me to set intentions and chart a path for the day. Whether I take a morning class or lunch break session, it makes my day so much more manageable. Yoga stays with you, beyond the mat. It prepares you to handle setbacks, stress, and uprooted plans."
Kristen Pillitteri | Senior Communications Specialist | PNC Financial Services

INHALE PITTSBURGH  was inspired by the positive changes taking place in our neighborhood of Downtown Pittsburgh. Decades ago, no one thought of leaving the office to get lunch for fear of crisp white shirts turning black. Back then, the streetlights were turned on at noon because the smog blocked out the sun. Today, down here at the Golden Triangle, we are all about green buildings, outdoor spaces, and building community. 

And we're all about yoga, which is why we want to share it with the businesses and organizations downtown. Through our GOLDEN TRIANGLE YOGA PROGRAM we offer discount yoga options to fit the needs of a company and its employees. Now, we’re not trying to take away from any gyms, working lunches, or lunch meetings, because we know how important those can be. However, studies show that a routine yoga practice has some great benefits. 

You can choose what works best for your company. 

  • Inhale at the Studio: discount classes and class passes to for those at your company or organiziton to enjoy at the yoga studio
  • Inhale at the Office: we bring the classes* to your office space, either one of our three offerings, or we can design something special 

If you are interested  in beginning a Golden Triangle Yoga Program  or want to set up a time to discuss the benefits of yoga for your company or organization, please fill out the form below. 

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