Private Yoga Sessions


Book a one-one-private yoga session with one of our talented and experienced Inhale teachers. Enjoy your chance to work on your practice, dive into your yoga, and get all you need out of your time. It’s yoga specifically and entirely tailored to your needs and wants. Choose what suits you best.


a private yoga session for those who are new to the practice of yoga. Learn the poses, the flow, the transitions, the terminology - anything you feel that will prepare you for a public class and a regular practice.


a private yoga session for those who are recovering from illness, injury or experience. Whether you are returning to the practice of yoga or just beginning, the teacher will work with you where you are to feel better, move better, or just find your Self. 


a private yoga session for those who are looking to advance their yoga practice. Be it through asana or any aspect of the 8-limbs of yoga and beyond, take this one on one time with a teacher to dive deep and learn lots on and off your mat.  


Want to schedule a special yoga class for your group of friends, family, coworkers, or company? Let us know and we can create a yoga or mediation class based on what you are looking for.